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About Healing Bird Acupuncture Dr. Heather Bird Auburn CA Acupuncturist Washoe County


Dr. Heather Bird 

Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Acupuncture, in Auburn, CA. Dr. Heather Bird uses a very effective process for healing. Her abilities help people on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. After treatments patients leave feeling more whole and complete. Through simple techniques Dr. Heather Bird reminds patients how to heal themselves. Helping everyone to reconnect with their healthy self.


Healing Bird Acupuncture Office - Best Acupuncturist Doctor Reno, NV

New Patient


Healing Bird Acupuncture is currently accepting new patients. Start cultivating a sense of well-being today! First visit = 90 minutes.


Acupuncture Treatment Healing Bird Acupuncture - Reno NV Acupuncturist Needles

Follow Up


Suffering is optional. Regular appointments help balance your life and reconnect you to your healthy self. Follow up treatment = 60 minutes.


Dr. Heather Bird Phone Appointment Phyical Emotional and Spiritual Well Being

Phone Consultation

Dr. Heather Bird offers over-the-phone treatments to patients unable to make an in-person appointment due to health or travel limitations.


Main Video


Acupuncture Patient Testimonial Video Healing Bird Acupuncture Auburn, CA

"I Feel Completely At Ease After An Appointment"

"I’ve been seeing Heather for a few months. She is wonderful and her methods of treatment are extremely affective. 
Heather really works to uncover the root of your illness. I feel completely at ease after an appointment and am confident in her abilities." 

Rick - Auburn, CA

"She Has Changed My Life"

“I met Dr. Bird when I was having some physical problems with my back and neck and nothing else was working. The first visit was nothing special and I didn't really notice much. After the second and third visits I noticed changes I didn't even expect. Yes, my physical problems improved, but things I never mentioned to her improved as well. Such as depression I was feeling over my teenage son and many other emotional and mental ailments. My sleep improved, my mood improved, my body improved. It took maybe 6 months of visits with Dr. Bird, but I can say for certain she has changed my life. Yes, she is a spiritual person, yes, she wants you to eat well for the sake of your health, but if you are open to these things and looking for someone to listen and truly understand what you are needing to heal then look to Heather Bird to help you. I literally have sent her at least a dozen referrals and everyone has nothing but amazing things to say about what she has done for them.”

Darci - Auburn, CA

"Dr. Bird's Work Is Powerful"

“Dr. Bird's work is powerful. I attended a workshop of hers and participated as she guided the whole group through strategies to reduce pain, and address the root cause of blocks. She was able to target and work through specific issues with a few individuals. They all had breakthroughs with their issues right there at the workshop. She is worth going to from near and far.”

Alyson - Grass Valley, CA

"I Don't Think I Would Have Gotten Pregnant Without Her Help"

“Heather is incredible! I've been seeing her for almost two years, and she's helped me through a variety of issues. First of all, I don't think I would have gotten pregnant without her help. And she helped me through my pregnancy with everything from relieving anxiety to regulating my emotions - pregnancy hormones are so real y'all! She also helped to alleviate the aches and pains that come with growing a human. My pregnancy was healthy and wonderful, due in no small part to Heather's work. She doesn't stop at acupuncture, she has a whole picture perspective and will recommend herbs and supplements when needed, suggest healing foods and more. One example is I tested positive with GB strep when I was 37 weeks pregnant and she helped put together a 2 week protocol with food, probiotics, and some other things. I tested negative at week 39 so didn't need antibiotics during labor! She's awesome!”

Tiffany - Loomis, CA

Herbal Medicine Dr. Heather Bird

Healing Bird Acupuncture offers online dispensary access through Wellevate, where Dr. Bird can recommend products specific to your care. You will have access to hundreds of trusted brands with a massive inventory of Chinese herbs, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, homeopathy, health food products, cosmetics, body care, veterinarian products, and much more. 

  • Highest quality products. Many are physician grade not available in stores or other online retailers. 

  • Doctor personalized product recommendations for you including dosage instructions.  

  • This dispensary is safe and secure.

  • Free shipping on orders over $49.00

Natural Medicine
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