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September Newsletter 5 Tips for Beautiful Skin

5 Tips for Beautiful Skin
Acupressure point and Coconut Kisses

Seasonal Advice Fall begins in a few short weeks. In Chinese medicine, Autumn is associated with the lung organ, which governs the skin, respiratory tract, and grief. The energy of the lungs is “letting go” so fall is a beautiful time to acknowledge the things we hold on to that no longer serve us and to just let it go. Fun fact - the large intestine is paired with the lungs and it’s job is to let go of the physical things your body no longer needs. Double fun fact, the large intestine time of day on the Chinese clock is 5-7am, a very common time of day for elimination. The lungs’ time is 3-5am and people who suffer from unresolved grief can often wake at these hours. To resolve this sleep disturbance, we treat the lungs. To address all skin disorders, we treat the lungs also.

This newsletter is about facial skin health and the best thing for your skin is for you to be healthy and happy. Reducing stressors from your life will do wonders for your skin. Acupuncture and herbs are very helpful at improving facial skin health, reducing wrinkles, smoothing pigmentation, and increasing collagen. For the best skin health, acupuncture and herbs plus a daily practice at home is key. Self care of the entire body is also critical for beautiful skin.  Self love and an absence of vanity/self hate is just as vital. There is a very fine line between vanity and self hate. I’ve seen a lot of clients who feel disgusted with themselves on the inside and their skin reflects it.

Specific skin issues: -To reduce wrinkles, increase collagen intake. I like Collagenex2 30 tabs by Health Concerns. It’s also great for joint and cartilage health. -Resolve acne and rosacea by reducing wheat, dairy, greasy foods, and spicy foods. Increase probiotics. Try Bio-Dophilus by Douglas Labs. -Nourish dry skin with omega 3 and reducing hot showers. I use ProOmega by Nordic Naturals. -Clear melasma and discoloration by eating more white foods and the magic that is Power Mushrooms by Health Concerns. 1 tab a day for at least 6 months and you’ll see your skin color smooth out. It’s also great for cancer prone folks, including skin cancer, because mushrooms regulate cell growth.

Find these products in my online store and get 10% off.

White foods nourish the lungs and skin. Pungent flavors like nutmeg, cardamon, ginger, and cinnamon have an ascending quality to open up the lungs and skin and to clear them. Plus, their yummy flavors fires up digestion. I use fresh minced ginger because it’s amazing and I always have some in my fridge. Applesauce and pear sauces are traditionally pureed but my granny taught me how to make applesauce and she never pureed them so I like to leave them in the slice form to remember her. I save the water from boiling the fruit. It’s delicious on it’s own or you can make ciders from it. My apple tree is producing large fruit already and my neighbor just gave me a bag full of Asian pears so I’ve been chopping away. I’m pretty relaxed about measuring things when making sauces. I eyeball the amount of water in the pot and season to taste.

Recipe Pear Sauce

8-10 Pears, peeled, cored, and thinly sliced 1 Teaspoon cinnamon and a healthy sprinkle of nutmeg, cardamon, and ginger Optional splash of lemon juice, dash of salt, and pat of butter

Place pears in large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil. Turn heat to medium for about 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally. When pears are tender, drain and retain water. Add spices and mix. Puree pears if desired. Eat while warm. Once the pears have cooled down, pour into containers. Cover and store in the refrigerator up to one week. You can also freeze or can the pear sauce. Drink cooled pear water to nourish your skin on the inside.

Acu point Lung 7 列缺 Lie Que Broken Sequence Location: On the wrist, 1.5 finger breadths from the wrist crease, superior to the styloid process of the radius Action: Treats all skin issues. Relieves body aches, chills, fever, runny nose, scratchy throat, and sneezing. Helps bell's palsy, twitching, spasms, and lockjaw. It can treat genitourinary and gynecological issues. Command point for resolving neck pain. Stops pain of the thumb.

Massage for 30 seconds, firm enough to activate but not enough to bruise.

Exercise Facial Massage I use a jade roller to massage my face daily. It looks like a mini paint brush roller made from the jade gemstone. The jade has a healing affect on the skin. I use a dermal roller (a roller with 500 tiny needles) a few times a month to keep my face healthy. If you want one or both, let me know and I can special order them for you. If you don’t have these handy tools, you can massage your face every morning for beautiful skin. After washing your hands, face, and applying a moisturizer, spend about 20 minutes massaging using gentle, circular motions. Rub commonly wrinkled areas, such as the forehead, cheeks and mouth. You can also use a patting motion on trouble areas. This brings nourishing blood to the surface and stimulates cell growth. Facial massage also can strengthen facial muscles and release tension, which can provide immediately noticeable effects, such as increased radiance. Be gentle with your skin and avoid the skin around your eyes. You can also get in the habit of massaging while you wash your face and applying moisturizers. Take your time and massage the product in for a few minutes longer than you normally do.

’Tis the season for pumpkin, Incredible Pumpkin Peel by Mychelle is a favorite of mine year round. It gently removes dead skin for a youthful glow. I use MyChelle Peptide+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum daily. It’s ridiculously effective for me. You can get 10% off these products at my online store.

Meditation Stand or sit and take a few deep breaths. Become aware of your body and your surroundings. Slowing bring your attention to your toes, feet, legs, core, chest, arms, neck, and head. Be grateful of all the mechanics in your body that are correctly functioning. Imagine inhaling pure healing light. Watch your lungs fill with calm, beautiful energy. Exhale all the things that no longer serve you. On your next inhale, envision the healing light spreading over every inch of your skin and healing every aspect of it.  Especially healing your trouble areas. Exhale any energies that hinder perfect lungs and skin. Inhale deeply and imagine every skin cell becoming purified and healed. Exhale deeply. Continue focusing on your lungs and skin for 10 minutes or until you feel relaxed and radiant.

My schedule is filling up fast so make your appointment soon. I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

Dr. Heather Bird


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