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Meditation on Timing

Hello and Happy Autumn!

Autumn is the season of letting go. The seasons are such a pure role model of how to behave. If letting go doesn’t come easy to you, meditation is a great way to recognize the patterns of your life and things that don’t benefit you anymore. Once you realize the things that no longer serve you, letting go becomes inevitable and effortless. 

I’m an avid meditator and I recommend it to all my patients. For benefits and tips for meditation, you can check out a previous newsletter.

For many people who struggle to commit to daily meditation, I recommend meditating while you brush your teeth. You’ll get in a few minutes of quiet time with yourself, focusing on your body, and, hopefully, twice a day. More and more, I view meditation as good hygiene. Meditation is an act of detaching from the stressors of daily life and letting go of things that no longer serve you. What would your life be like if twice a day for a few minutes, you internally washed yourself?

Being off time means your spirit is disconnected from the present moment. It’s impressively common. Some people are a few seconds off, many people just a fraction of a second. This means even if they try really hard with their brain to be completely present, their spirit will be slightly off beat. Ever watch a movie where the dialogue is off just a second? You probably know people who live just off a second from their spirit. 

Another phenomenon is what I call a time highjack. A time highjack is where you are pulled from the present moment into the past or the future. An extreme example, a PTSD experience where you are pulled back in time to traumatic event and you lose track of the here and now. Or getting pulled forward in time, where you might start thinking: what if things go bad in the future and you get overwhelmed and can’t handle it? Anyone can get highjacked to another time; people who have inaccurate timing are more susceptible and it can happen more frequently.

Accurate timing is critical for an abundant life. If your timing is off, not only will this throw off your day to day functioning, but your relationship with yourself will be affected. Being just a moment off time, can cause emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and lack of satisfaction.

If you are behind in time, depression is incredible common. Thinking of the past is frequent. You might also feel you never quite can get what you want or where you want. Maybe you always feel like you have to try harder. You could do something as profound as finding the cure cancer and you would still feel like you just have to do more to get satisfied. Also, it's hard making appointments on time, staying on time, or staying focused. 

If you are ahead of time, you might feel like you have to rush everywhere, can’t sit still, always on the go, obsessed with time and getting things done in time. You’ll never feel totally complete. You’ll feel like you have to go out somewhere and do something to feel better, only to feel better briefly before returning to feeling incomplete. Anxiety, worry, and overthinking are your daily companions because you think of the future a lot.

Another detrimental effective of inaccurate timing is it robs you of feeling like everything is perfect right now. Could it get more perfect? Sure. But you already feel whole, complete, and perfect at this present moment. Correct timing allows things fall into place naturally. You don’t have to try so hard to make things work, they just fall into your lap at the right moment. Your spirit is able to guide more precisely and effectively and orchestrate grander things for you than your brain can dream up. A profound relaxation happens, because you can let go of control and just let things unfold. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard or you’ll always be comfortable. You’ll just feel in your bones that everything will be ok.

If you think you might have a time distortion, meditation is a great way to become present in this moment of time or to recovery from an time highjack. Another helpful tool are time stamps. They are a simple way to become present and are a beautiful start to any meditation. Time stamp is when you say or think of your location, the time, and date, including year. Your spirit needs to know exactly when and where you are to effectively guide you. A time stamp provides that information and recruits your brain to be present, right here and now. I recommend doing time stamps a few times a day to prevent time highjacks or any time you notice you aren’t present right now. 

If you know somebody who struggles with timing, please share my video with them! Please schedule an appointment with me to learn more.

I hope you have an enlightening day and I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Dr. Heather Bird


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