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How to Detox from Wildfire Smoke

Hello Everyone,

I hope your air is clean and fresh. Right now, so much of California is being affected by the wildfires. If you are in a smoky area, here are some tips for avoided and detoxing smoke pollution.

  • Stay indoors, closed doors and windows

  • Limit exercise

  • Limit indoor pollution like vacuuming or burning candles

  • Consider getting a HEPA air purifier

  • Shower after being outdoors

  • Rinse your nose and gargle often

  • Choose a respirator mask labeled N95 or N100.

These special masks filter out fine particles and can be found at many hardware stores and pharmacies. Avoid a one‐strap paper dust mask or a surgical mask that hooks around your ears as they don’t protect against fine particles. The fine particles are a big issue because they are easy to get into your lungs and hard to get out. Masks are so important. If you can smell smoke - wear a mask. Especially for children because they are still developing and they breathe more air per pound than adults. The city of Sacramento is offering its residents free respirator masks to deal with smoke and worsening air quality caused by the Camp Fire. Respirator masks will be available at all city fire stations.

Already been breathing smoky air? Here are some helpful tips to detox:

How to Detox from Wildfire Smoke
How to Detox from Wildfire Smoke - Herbal Recommendation

  • Drink LOTS of fluids

  • Use a neti pot

  • Eat more ginger and oranges (increase vitamin C)

  • Eat more cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage. and brussels sprouts (increase glutathione)

  • Supplement with Clear Air by Health Concerns to clean lungs. Milk thistle and mullein leaf are nice too.

  • Drink fresh green juice (no or low sugar)

  • Eat lots of leafy greens

  • Eat pears to nourish and moisten airways

  • Take epson salt baths

If the smoke is hurting your lungs, causing headaches/fatigue, coughing, breathing hard, or sore throat, please reach out for an appointment ASAP.I hope you are upwind from the fire! See you soon at your next appointment!            

Dr. Heather Bird


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